Accessibility issues can effect anyone at any time. This guide will cover some of the important aspects of paying attention to accessibility issues and how while developing your site, you can help improve the web. 

An alert on your Mura website is a message released to inform affected college and unit employees and public of a deviation from normal unit operations.

New default view option! The Calendar is a useful tool in displaying various events occurring throughout the year. The main Calendar page shows the current month along with pages / events in the Calendar at various dates.

A series of example container classes that will help to dress up your page content with DIV classes.

Content Collections help feed site content through Mura in custom groups. Let's look at a Content Collection in use.

The Domain Accessibility Audit application can be used to thoroughly check any website (even non-Mura websites) for accessibility violations.

Embedding video in a web page is a fairly straight forward process. Here we show you the step-by-step-process for embedding YouTube videos in a site and offer some additional tutorials that cover how to improve an embedded video for usability.

A Folder is a page that dynamically displays the attributes (title, summary, thumbnail, etc.) of its children pages. 

Integrated in the NatSci website theme is a custom icon font that has over 300 icons to choose from that span many use scenarios.

Font icons are Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) driven icons that come from a font file. Here is a cheat sheet to help you navigate the many options.

So you have created a form to collect data, but how do you access it?

This article provides information on the different options for setting up a department homepage.

There are times that you will have to dig in and view source mode with a WYSIWYG editor to fix a spacing or layout problem. This tutorial will give you a look at what you need to know to control the text on your web page.

By Ryan Ward

MSU CABS branding standard colors included in the NatSci theme.

There may come a time when you need to move an already created page to a different section of your website. Find out how to in these simple steps.

This article will detail how to use the Mura Accessibility Plugin to ensure that the content within your pages are compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA requirements.

Official documentation from BlueRiver, the company that developed Mura CMS.

Page templates give you flexibility in designing the layout of your web pages. They can be different on every page or inherited from the page above. This article shows several examples and explains the Bootstrap Grid System.

By Patty Kirkey

So you want to connect your site to social media platforms? Here you will find the necessary information for placing social media icons on your site.