• Calendar

The Calendar is a useful tool in displaying various events occurring throughout the year. The main Calendar page shows the current month along with pages / events in the Calendar at various dates.

Making a Calendar

In order to create a Calendar, start by adding a page and selecting Calendar as the Content Type.

New Option - We've added an option on the calendar that allows you to select the default view. While on the basic tab scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the calendar default view dropdown list, where you can select day, week or month as your default view.

Calendar dropdown list of day, week, month

Main Content

calendar monthly view

Content in a Calendar is handled just like a regular page. The basic tab gives you the option to create a title, assign an associated image, add a summary, or add content. The information in Content is shown on the top. The special part about the Calendar is what appears below the main content. At the bottom of the page is a giant calendar of the current month. All pages below the Calendar are added to this calendar based on what date they occur.

Adding Items to the Calendar

You add items to a Calendar just like you would add to a regular page or folder. Just expand the "+" menu and select add content. Then select the content type you want to add to the Calendar.

At the bottom of the Basic Tab expand the display dropdown and select Per Stop / Start Dates.


After you have added items under the calendar, you can quickly edit an event date and time by clicking on the calendar icon.