Embedding YouTube Video

  • Social Media, Tips & Tricks


  1. Upload video content to YouTube and browse to the main video page.
  2. Copy the YouTube embed code by first opening up the Share tab (below the video), select embed, set your desired options and copy the provided code snippet.

    Selecting YouTube embed code from videos main YouTube page.

    Note: Smaller video sizes may not look as good but they will keep your page loading fast. We recommend keeping the width below 640.
  3. In Mura, navigate to the content editor of the page or component, where the video will be included.
  4. In the content section, click the Source button at the top of the text editor.

    Changing to source mode in the Mura text editor.
  5. Paste the copied video embed code into the text editor at the desired location, while in source mode.

    Placing video embed code in text editor while in source mode.
  6. Click on source again. You are ready to save or publish your video.

Note: The website theme automatically makes your video responsive. Try resizing the width of the browser while viewing the new video page.