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A Folder is a page that dynamically displays the attributes (title, summary, thumbnail, etc.) of its children pages. Folders are commonly used for news sections and directories. The unique advantage of a folder is that it provides a summary view of its children content without the need to independently update the summary view when content is changed or added.

Making a Folder

In order to create a folder, start by adding content to a site section and selecting Folder as the Content Type. You can also convert a page, calendar or gallery into a folder by updating its content type to folder.

Edit Content

Content in a Folder is handled much like a regular page. The basic tab gives you the option to create a title, assign an associated image, add a summary, and add content. The information in Content is shown on the top of the main folder page. Where the Folder becomes more unique is the List Display Options tab on the side.

List Display Options

The List Display Options are the fields you wish to pull from the items under the folder, to be displayed on the folder. For every folder, a List Display Options tab will appear when you are in  the editor. The selected fields of each child page will appear underneath the main content of the Folder in the order in which they are organized in the list display options. To select the fields drag-and-drop them to the Selected Fields box.

Some Available Fields

  • List Image Size: Sets the size of the Image if one is available.
  • Title: This shall display the titles of the pages under the Folder.
  • Date: The published date of each page will be shown.
  • Image: Will show each pages associated image.
  • Summary: Will display the summary for each page under the Folder.
  • ReadMore: A link to each page in the Folder.
  • Body: Shows the content of each page under the Folder.
  • Credits: Displays the credited author of the page under the Folder.
  • Comments: If the page has comments it will display the comments of each page under the folder.
  • Tags: Shows the tags of each page under the Folder

Adding Items to the Folder

You add items to a Folder just like you would add to a regular site section. Just expand the "+" menu and select add content. Then select the content type you want to add inside the Folder, for example a Page. The list above shows some of the options to display under the folder.

Other Notes

Each page will be separated with a line. You can chose how many pages to display in the Folder using the Records Per Page drop down menu in the List Display Options tab.