Student Information

Online Publishing & Posting

Student information will not be published on public college websites, unless each student has expressed written concent of publication with the MSU media release form and is a student of 18 years of age or older. This does not apply to students that have published content on their own as this qualifies as implied concent. For implied consent situations, a higher level of oversight should be maintained to monitor released content. Self-published student information should not be modified by a staff or faculty memeber unless the MSU media release form has been completed by student(s) involved or the content is deleted.

Data Collection

  • Data collection tools will never collect complete MSU PID or PAN.
    • Acceptable collection of PID is limited to the last 4 digits.
    • Complete PID numbers will not be emailed through website services.
    • Complete PID numbers will not be stored in web services.
    • PAN should not be collected under any circumstance or in any abbreviated format.

The Michigan State University Media Release form is required to be completed for all non faculty / staff online or digital publishing.