Building Directory Kiosk Profile Entry

  1. Login to the management portal.

    Login screen
  2. Make sure to update your password on first login by going to your username in the top right hand corner of the screen and clicking edit profile.

    arrow showing where to click to expand
  3. Navigate to the Natural Science Building directory section by clicking the expansion arrows next to the needed pages.

    Expand building directory section.
  4. To add a new directory entry, hover over the plus to the left of the Natural Science Building page of the Building Directory section and click the add content button.

    add directory entry with page plus icon and add content button.
  5. Select "DirectoryProfile" as the content type.

    Directory profile content type button.
  6. Complete the user profile form. The title field is internal only and should be used to indicate who the information represents. Please use last name, first name format for this field.

    Edit content screen
  7. Before publishing or saving the profile to draft, click the categorization tab to the left and tell the kiosk which unit this profile belongs to.

    arrows pointing to the category expansion button
  8. Use the category expansion arrows to assign all categories that apply.

    Category expansion arrows.
  9. When finished, publish the the form to make the new profile available on the kiosk. Note: You may save the profile as a draft. Drafts are saved for you to continue editing but changes are not publicly available to the kiosk until the content is released with the publish button.
  10. Existing kiosk directory profiles can be edited by clicking the entry title from the main site manager screen.

    Click the profile title from the site manager screen to edit an existing profile.