Creating Authors and Editors

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There may come a time when giving a certain amount of access to others will be neccessary, whether to help maintain and edit current content or creating a new content all together. In order to complete this task, you'll have to create a System User Group, set permissions and create System Users.

Creating a System User Group

Go to "Users" and select "Add User Group" from the drop down.

How to Create a System User Group

Fill in the Group Name, Email address of the administrator responsible for group oversight and select a Content Tab Assignment. In this case, I used the Group Name of Content Editors, left email blank and selected Basic in the Content Tabe Assignment. Hit Add to create the group.

Repeat to add additional groups.

Setting Permissions

You'll be required to set up two permissions for your System User Group. The first is allow them access to the site and the second is to allow access to the actual content.

Permissions to Site

screenshot showing system groups

  1. Under Site Config, select Permissions.
  2. Check the Allow box for the System Group you want to give access to.
  3. Select Update to save your changes.

Permissions to Content

Because Mura gives you the ability to grant or limit editting permissions for each content area, you'll have the opportunity to choose specifically where you want each group to have access to.

Choose System Groups to have access to portion of the site
In Site Manager, select the Permissions icon next to the content that you want to set permissions for. Note that the permissions do filter down to the child pages/folders below it.

For example, if you want your System Group to have access to the entire site, you'll select the Permission icon next tot he Home page. If you want your System Group to only have access to the News folder, you'll select the Permissions icon next to the news folder. This will give the group the ability to edit all pages/files located within the news folder only.

Select the permission level or role for each user group.

Permission Levels

  • Editor: The user group can both create/write/edit/delete and save as a draft or publish content.
  • Author: The user group can only create/write/edit content and save as draft, but they cannot publish or delete any content.
  • Inherit: Access/permissions as applied to its parent are used.
  • Deny: The user group has no access/privileges.

Select Update to save the permissions.

Creating System Users

Now that you've created your System User Group and have updated their permissions, you can start adding individuals to the group. To do that, go to "Users" and select "Add System User". Fill in the neccessary fields. 

Required Fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Select the Group Membership option from the menu. Here you will be given the option to select which System User Groups this individual should be added to. Once you've completed this step, you can click Add. This individual has been added to the System User Group and now has access to the website. You will have to notify them of their username and password.

Added members to that particular System User Group will appear below the group information, with the ability to edit or delete individual members.