Group Management

  • System Administration, Standards

Group names must be comprised of the following parts, in order and using the same symbol divisions.

  • Site Group_Account Type-Site>Section

Real world examples:

  • NatSci_Editor-NatSci>Alumni Friends
  • NatSci_Author-NatSci>Student Blog
  • BMB_Editor-QBI (Implying editor access to all site sections)
  • BMB_Editor-QBI>Students

Module specific groups

Module specific groups are highlighted with the addition of an underscore at the beginning of the title. Additional module groups will be added in the future. The current naming convention is as follows.

_Module Type-Module Name

Module specific group catalog

_Plugin-NatSci Redirects pools all users with access to the NatSci Redirects plugin into one group. Permission for individual site must be authorized by an S2 or super admin on the main plugin page. This group is to include power users only.

Mura 7

In Mura 7, normal group names start with the Mura site id without the underscore (which should be the same as the domain name). The unit code is no longer used. For instance:

  • natsci_Editor
  • natsci_Editor>Alumni Friends

All groups are system groups.