Mura Plugins

Mura Redirect

The new redirect plugin lets site administrators create redirections using regular expressions.

Mura Link Checker

A NatSci plugin for Mura 7 looking for all broken and redirected links in a Mura site.

Mura Accessibility

This plugin was created by NatSci to automatically check and report page accessibility on Mura sites.

Category Menu

A Category Menu can be added in a Folder page to filter child pages with their categories.

Table of Contents

This display object automatically creates and updates a table of contents based on the headings in the page.

Search Form

The Search Form display object can be added anywhere to let users search a section of a site.

Campus Map

Display object with the campus map centered on a selectable building.

NatSci Google Analytics

The NatSci Google Analytics plugin displays several Google Analytics widgets and the Google Search Console queries for the site without requiring an additional user login.

Mura Google Sitemaps

The Mura Google Sitemaps plugin automatically generates a sitemap file to help search engines notice site updates.

Mura Social Wall

The Social Wall plugin was created by NatSci to display recent posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a wall view.

NatSci Media Library

This plugin lets Mura site editors access a media library with many professional pictures that can be used for NatSci communication.