Category Menu

category menu display object parametersThis is not strictly speaking a plugin, but rather a module created in the NatSci theme for Mura. It is a display object, so it can be dragged into a page during inline edit, typically in the right column.

It can be difficult to find a given page in a folder with many sub-pages. Categories can be created in the administration side of Mura (/admin) to organize them.

This display object automatically creates a menu using the categories in the given parent category. The menu will reflect the category organization if it has more than one level. It can be displayed as a list, for instance like the Category Filter on the NatSci site profiles, or as a dropdown menu, as with the News By Unit menu on the NatSci site news.

The list of pages in the folder will be changed to use the selected filter. The "All" item can be used to return to unfiltered content.