Meld Google Sitemaps

Meld Google Sitemaps automatically generates a sitemap.xml file by using the configuration information found under the "Extended Attributes" tab for a Mura page. These settings are:

  • Exclude From Sitemap
    • Inherit: will travel up the parent pages until it finds a page that indicates whether to include or exclude the page
    • Yes: will exclude this page from the sitemap
    • No: will not exclude the page from the sitemap
  • Change Frequency
    • A sitemap-specific setting, indicating how often the page content gets updated
  • Priority
    • A sitemap-specific setting, telling the search engine how important this page is relative to other pages on your site

To enable sitemap generation for a site, click on the Settings menu item, then Edit Settings.

  • Sitemap Enabled
    • The sitemap will be generated on a scheduled basis
  • Location
    • Web Root: The sitemap will be located in the base of the web site (do not use if you have multiple sites setup in Mura)
    • Site Folder: The sitemap will be located in the site folder, i.e. /default/sitemap.xml
  • Frequency
    • How often the sitemap will be automatically generated
  • Time of Day
    • The time of day the sitemap will be generated
  • Email
    • If you want to be notified of when a sitemap is generated, enter an Email address here (and ensure your Mura Email settings are configured properly)

How It Works

Meld Google Sitemaps creates a scheduled task that will move through your Mura CMS pages and add pages to the sitemap.xml file according to the settings set in the Extended Attributes tab.

Search engines will automatically find the sitemap file thanks to our default robots.txt, which includes it. If you have a custom robots.txt, make sure to include the Sitemap line in it. You can check that Google has uploaded the sitemap with Webmaster/Site owner tools.