Mura Google Sitemaps

The Mura Google Sitemaps plugin (which we have improved for NatSci) automatically generates a sitemap file to help search engines notice site updates.

By default, the Mura Google Sitemap plugin will include all pages in your website that don't have the "Include in Site Navigation" setting disabled. You can exclude more on a per-page or per-section basis by clicking on the Extended Attributes tab in the content editor, and adjusting the Google Sitemaps settings:

  • Exclude From Sitemap: Select "No" to exclude the page, "Yes" to include the page, and "Inherit" to inherit whatever the parent page's settings are.
  • Change Frequency: this tells search engines how often they should re-index the page.
  • Priority: This is the priority weight you would like placed on the page, relative to other pages on the site. For instance, your homepage should be a 1.0, your contact us page should be similarly high, with the rest of the site weighted accordingly.

By default, the plugin will regenerate the sitemap file every day at 3 AM. You can change that to generate it less frequently if your site is not often modified.

The sitemap should be generated in the site folder, where it will automatically be found thanks to our default robots.txt. If you have a custom robots.txt, make sure to include the Sitemap line in it. You can check that Google has uploaded the sitemap with Google Search Console.