NatSci Google Analytics

The NatSci Google Analytics plugin displays several Google Analytics widgets and the Google Search Console queries for the site without requiring an additional user login. It is available to site administrators on or (depending on the URL of your website).

All statistics are based on the date range at the beginning. Changing a date and hitting return will update them automatically. There might not be any data for old periods, depending when we set up Google Analytics for the site's latest protocol/domain.

The following widgets are displayed:

  • Sessions gives the number of user sessions for every day in the period. A given user can have several sessions in the same day when disconnecting or after long periods of inactivity.
  • Top Pages lists the most popular pages in the site, with the number of page views (the number of times any user downloads the page) and total time spent on the page.
  • Queries lists the Google queries that are most often used to reach the site.
  • Traffic Source gives an idea of how users find the site. "direct" means that users either navigate directly to the site via a bookmark or by typing the URL, or that we do not know how they reached the site. "organic" means that users found the site after doing a search query in a search engine.