NatSci Media Library

The NatSci media library provides images and other media to use for NatSci communication. There are several ways to search for images, and versions adapted to the web can easily be downloaded.

Simple search

A search box on the upper right provides a convenient way to quickly look for images. Just type a word, and thumbnails will start to appear. There is a maximum of 100 files or folders returned, so using more keywords or an advanced search can be useful to be more specific. A * wildcard can be used in the keywords, although not at the beginning.

Advanced search

The advanced search form is displayed with a click on the magnifying glass icon with a plus inside. A value can be given for each one of the fields stored in the library. As with the simple search, a * wildcard can be used except at the beginning. Some fields can contain several items: keywords, categories and subjects. For these fields, each item has to be added by typing the name and clicking on the Add button. Different items are combined in the same way different values are combined in the form, with the boolean operator given at the top.

Dates are using the format YYYY-MM-DD. It is possible to use a range of dates, by entering 2 dates separated by " to " (with a space before and after the "to"). It is also possible to simply enter a year or a month with the syntax YYYY or YYYY-MM.

Search by category

A third way to look for media is to use the categories, by starting with the corresponding icon near the search box. When media have been associated to categories, they will appear in their given categories. Categories are structured with a simple hierarchy, so it is possible to navigate in the categories as one would in folders. Files and folders returned for a given category include all the ones related to subcategories, so as you go down the tree, you will get more specific results.

It is possible to combine categories, by navigating to one, clicking on the "Keep" button inside the "Combine categories" box, and navigating to another category. Several categories can be combined to return specific files or folders. The returned files and folders are the ones that match all the previously selected categories and the current one. For instance, to select all outdoors media related to biology, navigate to the Outdoors category inside Places, click on the Keep button inside "Combine categories", then navigate back to the top category and to the Biology one inside "Research Area / Field". The current category is implicitly selected.


Files can be downloaded with the download popup. Several resolutions are suggested so you can pick the best one depending on how the image will be used. Mura's hero image has a width of 1200px, so you can pick this maximum resolution if the image will be used as hero image.