Table of Contents

table of contents display object parametersThis is not strictly speaking a plugin, but rather a module created in the NatSci theme for Mura. It is a display object, so it can be dragged into a page during inline edit, typically in the right column.

It will automatically create a table of contents based on the headings in the page, and keep it updated when headings are changed.

This is not to be confused with navigation display objects, which let users navigate from one page to another on the site: this table of contents is only used to navigate within a single page.

Headings are the h1, h2, etc... HTML elements that are used for titles. They can be inserted with a dropdown menu in the toolbar. When using them, make sure to always start with "Heading 1", and continue with a hierarchical structure. This is important for the table of contents to be generated correctly, but also helps with the page accessibility and general interoperability.